about us
DSC Group,  operates with the vision to be a regional pioneer  as one of the leading organizations
in the field. 
Fusing its  solution oriented approach with its infrastructure made of latest technologies, and with efficient operational strength, our company operates  based on customer oriented service understanding.
Our company, which signed pioneering application in the field since its foundation, contributes to the sectoral standards and the safety awareness of the society, along with all-purpose solutions it offers, and its pace in adapting to changing circumstances.

DSC Group: Operating for many years, as a supplier and executive company relating to  IP&Analog  monitors, wireless image transfer,  recording systems, product supply to defence industry, supporting special project depending on the requests of the security establishments.


DSC Group:Realized, and completed many projects together with its stuff including certified engineers expert in their own fields; and continues to successfully operate without compromising on its principle “ win win.” 

Harun Reşit BULAT
General Manager
Vision: Being the most preferred security company,   pioneering  innovation in the field,  adding value to stakeholders.


Mission: With a customer oriented service understanding, recognizing needs of security, and offering creative solutions ; contributing to the enhancement of sectoral standards and security awareness in the society, and raising awareness;  providing the biggest benefit to all stakeholders by using defined strategical aspects, and ever developing human resource.